Rehabilitative Exercise Program (R.E.P)

“Your treatment should be almost entirely based on exercise, and it should be indistinguishable from a workout at the gym.” 

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Chris Raynor

Rehabilitative Exercise Program

Do you experience low back, knee, elbow or shoulder pain? Neck stiffness or tight shoulders? Are you hunched over a computer all day? Trouble getting up and down stairs? Would your life be improved with better movement, mobility and strength?

Then R.E.P may be beneficial to you!

R.E.P. stands for Rehabilitative Exercise Program, which is a movement-first treatment approach to chronic and acute injury and pain, in areas such as hip, low back, shoulder.

Once deemed appropriate by our Physiotherapist, R.E.P. puts you in a position to be an active participant in the elimination of your pain by addressing the actual root cause(s), such as weakness, lack of use and/or poor movement patterns.
Under the guidance of our Physiotherapist and with the supervision of our expert team, you will execute an exercise-based physical therapy program.

How this program works:

  • Make an appointment with our Physiotherapist to assess your unique concerns and needs.
  • Develop an Individualized Plan: Where appropriate, our Physiotherapist will develop an individualized movement-based treatment plan (R.E.P.).
  • Program Execution: You will then execute the exercise program under the thorough guidance of our team and in collaboration with our Physiotherapist.
  • Track Your Progress: Your progress will be carefully tracked and R.E.P adjusted, if/as required.
  • Ongoing Reassessments: You will be provided ongoing reassessments from our Physiotherapist to ensure peak effectiveness of your treatment plan.

Physiotherapy is covered by most insurance providers.

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