Justin vince

Personal Trainer, Physiotherapy Assistant



McMaster University - B.A.
Charles Sturt University - B.Ed


McMaster University Varsity Football (2005-2009)
Captain (2008, 2009)
Most Improved Defensive Player (2008)


NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Ontario College of Teachers - Ontario Certified Teacher
United States of America Weightlifting - SP1
United States of America Track and Field - Level 1
Precision Nutrition - PN1

About Justin

 Justin Vince is the founder of Prototype Sports Performance in Mississauga, ON. Throughout his career as a Strength and Conditioning coach, Justin has had the privilege of working with a wide range of athletes including players from the NHL, AHL, CFL, CIS and NCAA. Justin began PSP with a vision to provide athletes with a better, more efficient and holistic way to achieve peak performance.

Justin is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. In addition, he is a certified coach by United States of America Track and Field, United States of America Weightlifting and a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. This combination of technical knowledge and an understanding of learning pedagogy has shaped Justin’s approach to strength and conditioning coaching. It is Justin’s belief that the creation of a positive and collaborative environment for athletes, is the key to maximizing their performance gains. Through a desire to understand each athlete’s needs, learning style and opportunities, Justin is able to truly individualize the training approach and environment for maximum results.

 Prior to attending teachers college, Justin had a successful career as a member of the varsity football team at McMaster University. As a SAM Linebacker Justin was a part of some of the most formidable defences in the league and was twice named captain. However, possibly the biggest influence on Justin during his time at McMaster was the exposure to what is in his opinion the best strength and conditioning program in the CIS. Justin had the privilege to be coached by, and learn from some of the most progressive and knowledgeable coaches in the country. The year following graduation Justin had the honor of working as an assistant to the strength and conditioning coach with the Marauder football team.

 Justin believes that efficiency of movement is critical to performance and the health of the athlete. His training style focuses on the quality of movement. Whether it be squatting, performing Olympic style lifts or sprinting, he pays attention to the fine details and stresses a mindfulness on these qualities with his athletes. The body will always revert back to where it has gone most frequently and because of this we must groove the proper movement patterns in training, in order to best serve the athlete in competition.

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