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Prototype Sports Performance

Who We Are

Prototype Sports Performance, located on the Oakville, Mississauga border, offers individualized off-season, in season and year-round programming for athletes interested in maximizing their performance.

Prototype Sports Performance’s program design implements PSP’s 5 Foundational Pillars of Success: Nutrition, Mindset, Strength, Movement, and Deep Practice. The Prototype athlete works towards the mastery of each pillar.

Under the direction of our expert performance coaches, PSP’s athletic development program provides you with the overall athleticism needed to excel at your sport!

our Mission

Prototype Sports Performance seeks to serve the community by empowering athletes of all levels through education and facilitation of a healthier, more positive approach to achieving performance excellence. This philosophy stems from a belief that great coaching produces not only great athletes, but great people.

We believe that in order to maximize strength and conditioning results, you must provide an environment for each athlete that is positive and people-centered; this approach fosters long-term growth that lasts well after the game is over and ensures that each athlete is able to CONSISTENTLY perform at his or her highest level. PSP coaches encourage independence by teaching mindfulness, self-regulation and habit development. The Prototype athlete is prepared mentally and physical to take on any challenge!

our FACIlity

Prototype Sports Performance is an open concept, private training facility, located in Mississauga, ON. Some highlights of the facility are:

  • Positive Training Environment
  • Expert Coaching
  • Client Centered Approach
  • Everybody Welcome!!

Transform your Health With PSP

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Meet Our TEam

Justin Vince

Founder, ​Performance Coach

Greg Macdonald

​Personal Trainer, Physiotherapy Assistant

Dusan Calic, M.PT

Registered Physiotherapist


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