Greg MacDonald

Personal Trainer, Physiotherapy Assistant




Youth Hockey Coach - 10 years


Music Enthusiast
Rec. Hockey
Dad to 3 Kids & 2 Dogs


CanFit Pro - Personal Training Specialist

About Greg

From as young as I can remember, I have always liked to move. In my youth I played multiple sports, with hockey as my sport of choice. As I aged, it was important to me to maintain my mobility, not only so I could continue playing the sport I loved but to also allow me to be active in all areas of my life.

Strength training has now played a prominent role in my life for over 20 years. What started as a need quickly turned into a passion. This passion ignited a desire to help others with similar goals. I formalized my knowledge with a Personal Training Specialist certification and have been studying under the guidance of Justin Vince at Prototype Sports Performance for three years.

Often as we age our mobility starts to deteriorate, not naturally but from a lack of use. It is also well established that muscle mass begins to decline without intervention. However, I can help you not only maintain your mobility but help improve it as well. With my patient, process oriented and common-sense approach, I can help improve your quality of life and remain healthy and active!
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